Ausstellungsführung – „Korrelatives Kontradikt“

Wie jedes Jahr in der Weihnachtszeit, gab es den von den ORF-Landesstudios initiierten Adventkalender des Kunsthandwerkes. Ich hatte die große Ehre, einen Teil meines Betriebs am 2.12.2021 vor der ZiB2 auf ORF Wien zu präsentieren. Wer nicht nur das Video, sondern auch die fertigen Gemälde sehen möchte, den lade ich herzlich dazu ein, meine online-Ausstellungen zu besuchen.

As every year at holiday season, the Austrian national broadcasting channel ORF produced an advent calender supporting chosen arts and crafts businesses in the federal states. The production team made a video that aired on Dec 2 (2021), shortly before primetime. If you not only want to see the video, but the resulting art works, have a look at my exhibitions!

Im Dezember 2021 hatte ich die Freude, zu einer Ausstellung in den NV Center Galerien in St. Pölten eingeladen zu sein. Aufgrund der zu jenem Zeitpunkt aktuellen Beschränkungen war es leider nicht möglich, eine Vernissage abzuhalten. Aus diesem Grund habe ich beschlossen, eine virtuelle Führung zu produzieren. Noch mehr Details und Einzelheiten erfährt man zusätzlich auf der online-Dokumentation der Ausstellung „Korrelatives Kontradikt“.

In December 2021 I was lucky to be invited to an exhibition at NV Center Galleries in St. Pölten (Lower Austria). Due to Covid restrictions, I was not allowed to hold a grand opening. But instead I decided to produce this guided tour with explanations about the exhibited projects. If you prefer the explanations in English, have a look at my online documentation of „Korrelatives Kontradict“.

Live Action Splatter Painting Photography (LASPP) – Home Stories

Nicaragua – Fighting For Freedom

LASPP is a longterm project of mine. It’s combining multiple of my fables. Obviously photography and art painting are important parts of my life. But also there is filming, design, music and architecture. And a healty portion of madness… If you want to see all the photos, check out my photo gallery or head over to my blog entry for more information! Or watch the video directly on my Youtube channel.

For an art exhibition in Graz, Austria, in the late summer of 2018 („Verselbstnis“ in the art gallery „Centrum“), the very talented nicaraguan designer and artist Rebeca (Yaya) Mandlberger and me teamed up for an interdisciplinary art project to make Europe aware of the protests in Nicaragua. A painting with the dimensions of 205 x 115cm (16:9) was created, just with the purpose of a video screen. We also created an artistic video, which was projected onto the canvas in an infinite loop. The video shows our impressions and emotions concerning the country of Nicaragua, its culture and its issues, especially the ones regarding to the protests. Both the painting and the video are stand alone works, but strongly belong together, like a marriage. The video shown here is already the merged, complete project. This art project is dedicated to all the pain, loss and despair, but also at the same time to hope, identity and longing for freedom ad equality of Nicaragua.

Also have a look at my photo stories from Nicaragua in my photo gallery.

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