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Live Action Splatter Painting

Producing art is always a difficult task to do. You have to be in the mood, you have to be inspired and you have to have an idea. So yes, the idea is the most important thing you need. Why I dare to say that? Well, if you have an idea, you can do arts live anywhere and anytime you need to. This is because the main part is done in advance, which is having and preparing the idea and how to translate it to a piece of art.

So once the difficult part is done, you can get your stuff and go out performing! That’s one of the exciting things of Live Action Splatter Painting Photography. But there is much more behind it. Why time suddenly is more important than the third dimension, why coincidence isn’t arbitrary at all and what’s all the technical background? You can find these and many more answers in the new issue (#209) of the Austrian magazine FOTOobjektiv.

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