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There is always something possible. That’s my motto, even in times, when you have to stay at home for aaaages. Well, art is everywhere at any time. Art is a condition of time and space, the artist is just the person pointing at it. I don’t want to go so far and call myself an artist, but I want to point on something in our continuum.

You all know Jackson Pollock and the art style of „action painting“ he developed? That’s such a great example of pointing at different directions, where nobody ever has been pointing at before. It’s an inspiration for me and I always feel to express what inspires or impresses me. So I started „Life Action Splatter Painting Photography“.

And yes! It’s also something that you can do at home! What do you think, where I did all my test shoots and paintings for my live acts? No, I don’t have a studio, yet. I have to improvise. I always had to improvise in my life and it’s something I’m very proud of. Because I often managed to make things really possible. I realized that you have to do it (if you have planned it properly in advance).

So I set up everything for LASPP at home. I layed out a plastic foil, placed a canvas and some wooden building blocks on it, set up an improvised photo studio and… played Godzilla with paint. I created some end time scenarios on canvas. Sorry, sometimes my brain tricks me into very abstract ideas…

If you want to see more than the small collection of photos I took, have a look at my photo gallery and also check out my „Home Stories“ video I did.

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