Regular match and other shootings including performing a variety of other tasks for one of the most influantial free Austrian online media.


Speeches, live shoots, product trainings, project management and photography.

Wiener Fotoschule

Workshops, trainings and coachings for photography, image processing and graphics art as well as travel lectures.

Canon Academy

Workshops, trainings and coachings for photography from beginners to professionals.

VHS Wien

Press and advertising photography as well as travel lectures.


Shooting and catching the action on the track, the pitlane, the paddock, the life.

GBS St. Gallen

Cooperation between Graphische Wien and GBS St. Gallen. Shooting an image campaign for Appenzellerland tourism.

Kunsthistorisches Museum: Reflexionen

Participating in the exhibition „Reflexionen“ at Kunsthistorisches Museum (arthistoric museum) with an hommage to Luca Giordano, called „Hernieder“.