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I honestly feel deeply touched, that my recent work in fineart photography is being honoured by one of the leading brands in the photography business. And it’s even a bigger honour that it’s being featured not only regionally or nationally, but in whole Europe. The article „Robert Lösch masters the art of splatter paint photography“ on Canon’s Pro website is designed, composed and conducted by the great Lorna Dockerill, who always puts a lot of effort in her work, too.

My series in „Live Action Splatter Painting Photography“ are being transformed into a symphony of imagery, personality and storytelling in a way that a photographer alone never is able to do. What makes me even prouder is the fact, that this article got translated in every European language.

But how did it get this far? It all began a year ago, when I was booked to talk in front of a live audience at a photographers‘ meeting in Salzburg. The organizer told me he doesn’t want a boring talk, but a live shooting. My response was that I don’t want a boring shooting. At home we sat together and discussed the possibilities and when I said that I want to combine important parts of my work: art and action photography, the idea was born.

In the last six months I used the time to even refine the technique and try different variations of the same concept resulting in a red sprinkled living room… and no free space to walk because of all the canvases lying and standing around. I invite you to read the great article at the Canon Europe website or if you prefer german, you can find it on Canon Austria. To see a series of LASPP photos, please feel free to check them out in my photo gallery.

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